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Which Sanding Disc Should You Use?

November 02, 2022

What Sanding Disc Should You Use?

When looking for the best sanding disc to suit your needs, there are a few different things to consider before purchasing. It is important to pick the right disc in order to avoid damaging your project. There are many different sanding discs to choose from and we will go over what kinds are on the market and how to use them. 

What are Resin Fiber Discs?

Resin Fiber Discs (25 Pack) – Maverick Abrasives

Resin fiber discs are used for a variety of things such as removing stock or unwanted material or they can be used for finishing. The backing – made out of fiber – resists from breaking due to it being very strong and rigid. Resin fiber discs can be used for grinding, finishing, or blending metals. They are very durable and have strong abrasives. These discs come in different abrasives; ceramic and aluminum oxide. You can also get these in different sizes; 4 ½ in , 5 in, and 7 in.  If you are looking to remove rust from metals, these resin fiber discs will be a great option. Angle grinders are the power tool that is most used with these discs. This disc comes in grits sizes from 24 up to 120. 

What are Flap Discs?

4-1/2" x 7/8" High Density Ceramic Flap Disc Type 29 – Maverick Abrasives

Flap discs have a very strong and sturdy backing and it is made up of small pieces of sandpaper. These discs have layers of sandpaper rather than a single piece of sandpaper. These are coated abrasives that come in different grit sizes. High Density Flap Discs are made from the ceramic material and are very effective. This disc is great for all different types of metals. Polishing, removing stock, and removing rust are just a few of the applications these are used for. If you are smoothing out welds or dealing with metal fabrication in general, these are a great choice and are very popular. 

What are Hook and Loop Discs?

5" Hook & Loop Sanding Discs (Box of 50) – Maverick Abrasives
Hook and loop discs come in the most variety of grits from 80 up to 400 so these are suitable for a ton of different jobs. The backing on these is very comparable to velcro. They come in 5 inch and 6 inch along with 9 hole, 8 hole, or no hole. These discs can be used on woods and metals, even other surface materials. You can use a convertor pad if your power tool is not made for these discs. Changing these discs are very easy and user friendly. 

What are Quick Change Discs?

2" Quick Change Discs / ROLLOC (50 Pack) – Maverick Abrasives

Quick change discs are greatly used for tight corners or hard to reach places. They are great for grinding and blending and are an easy product to use. These discs are available in different sizes and grains; ceramic and aluminum oxide. Quick change discs are used for stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, etc. These can be used for weld marks or getting rid of machine marks. If your job is in need of a quick alteration, this is a great option for you. 

What are PSA Discs?

5" Hook & Loop Sanding Discs (Box of 50) – Maverick Abrasives

PSA is abbreviated for pressure sensitive adhesive, meaning they have a sticky backing. These discs are great for longer jobs and projects as the abrasive won't wear out as fast. PSA discs are used on wood, metal, fiberglass, and flat surfaces; although it is important to pick the right grit size for great results. These discs have no holes and come in 5” or 6” aluminum oxide. However, you can also order Cloth PSA Discs in sizes from 5” up to 20”, along with PSA Glass Fabrication discs which are silicon carbide. 

An angle grinder, one of the most used power tools, is a great option to go along with your sanding discs. They are easily able to suit different types of sanding discs and polishing discs. Angle grinders come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from.