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8" Airway Polishing Wheels



Our goal at combat abrasives is to constantly reinvent the industry and bring value to metal workers and knifemakers. While we are sure you are probably accustomed to using stitched buffing wheels, airway buffing wheels are the newest technology in metal polishing and are sure to quickly and efficiently give you the mirror polish you are looking for. Steel and stainless steel requires the proper heat generation and thats what truly make these superior to regular stitched buffing wheels. Stitched buffing wheels can trap heat and continue to rise in temperature when polishing, making it difficult to chains a nice polish. Our superior airway buffing wheels maintain a consistent airflow through the wheel to keep them cooler and diffuse excess heat. 

SPECS: These buffing wheels have a 5/8" Arbor hole so please make sure your arbor is 5/8"! 

If your buffer doesn't have a 5/8" arbor you can just get a reducer set here on amazon!

SAFETY: It is important you MUST use a safety flange when operating buffing wheels & a buffer! These wheels are rated to 3,500 RPM. 

#1 Buffer for polishing knives is the Jet Polisher

What is the best affordable bench top polisher for buffing knives?

Jet Polisher - Best polisher that works with 8" airway buffing wheels.  


The first thing to understand with polishing stainless steel or steel is that you want to polish in multiple steps, starting with your most aggressive wheel and bar first, then finishing with your softest & finest finishing compound bars. 

STEP 1: Pair our RED TREAT buffing wheel with our BLACK compound bar. This will take about ~ 400 grit scratches! 

STEP 2: Pair our PINK TREAT buffing wheel with our Green Rouge polishing bar

STEP 3: Pair our SOFT TREAT buffing wheel with our ultra high luster purple compound bar for the best finish.

NOTE: You don't NEED to go this third step unless you want it to be VERY shiny! Green Rouge because of its green chromium oxide tends to leave a darker, richer luster, while our purple leaves more of a chrome finish! 

For polishing handle materials like woods and plastics you can use either our Pink treated wheel OR our SOFT TREAT wheel in combination with our "No Scratch Pink" polishing compound bar. 


COMBAT TUTORIAL YOUTUBE.mp4 from Renegade Products USA on Vimeo.

Do you need to wear a respirator when metal polishing? 

Yes it is strongly recommended and even suggested it should be required to wear a respirator when polishing. We strongly recommend this respirator as it offers great protection and is affordable. You can buy it HERE its only $ 100 and it will PROTECT you! 

BEST Full Face Respirator for metal polishing $ 100