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Notorious Firearm Maintenance Kit


Our Notorious Firearm Maintenance Kit is packed with 4 gun maintenance & protection products that are essential for your firearm performing when they need to! 

  • Gun Cleaner - Contains a unique blend of solvents and cleaning agents designed to remove powder residue, grease, oil and other debris from firearm actions, slides, barrels and parts. 
  • Gun Grease - This is a TRUE firearms grease that was formulated to lubricate and protect under the harshest heat, friction and pressures of sustained firing while reducing friction and wear. Our unique formulation is designed to prevent rust and corrosion from rain and moisture in fresh and saltwater enviroments. 
  • Gun Oil - Using a special and proprietary blend of oil and petroleum-extracted additives producing a lubrcation specially formulated for high volume, high heat, & friction firearms. 
  • Gun Polish - Our gun polish cuts oxidation faster, polishes brighter and leaves a superior finish. Easy on, easy off formula is perfect for metals such as brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, gold and even silver.