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Clean & Finish Sanding Disc



We carry three different types of High Strength buff & blend sanding discs. The coarse which is green, is a high strength disc that is like a 80 - 100 grit. The medium disc which is blue in color, is a high strength disc that finishes like a 150 - 180 grit. Finally the maroon which is the fine, is a high strength disc that finishes like a 220 - 280 grit. ALl of these discs come with a 1/2" arbor hole, however since we are a manufacturer we can make any diameter and arbor hole size. please reach out to

✅  Best for deburring and finish 

✅  High strength discs! Long lasting and won't tear or fray. 

✅ Leaves a uniform and consistent finish on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals

✅ Can be used on aluminum, stainless steel or steel. 

What do you use a coarse buff & blend sanding disc for? 

Coarse buff & blend discs are used to give a uniform finish similar to a surface conditioning type of material. These have a grit range similar to a 60 - 80 grit however due to their light brushing nature across the workpiece, can leave what appears to be a lighter scratch pattern. These discs easily finish & smooth out contoured parts and are durable so that you can finish edges and welds. These are used to leave a satin finish, blend out tool marks, and clean surface imperfections. These discs are green in color. These are made with a 1/2" arbor hole and are high strength for long life. 


What do you use the medium buff & blend sanding disc for? 

The blue buff & blend disc is used for edge breaking, deburring and finishing edges & welds. It will leave a satin line grain finish because the grit is equivalent to a 150 - 180 grit scratch pattern. These are perfect for cleaning surface contamination, rust, or pitting. These discs are pretty rigid and do not flex but are perfect for sanding contoured parts. These discs are great for stainless steel fabricators that are working on stainless steel or steel such sa with plumbing fixtures, door handles, food equipment, aluminum extruded products, aircraft engine parts for the aerospace industry, metallurgical parts or orthopedic implants. These discs are thick, high strength discs! These are made as a standard with a 1/2" arbor hole. 

What do you use the very fine buff & blend sanding disc for? 

The maroon very fine disc is made with a 1/2" arbor hole and is considered a high strength disc due to its thickness and high quality. These discs finish like a 220 to 280 grit, however when lightly brushing the metal they can seem to finish much finer. Clean & finish discs are popularized by 3M and are great for light deburring and final finishing of small stainless steel, aluminum or steel parts. These Maroon clean & finish discs are commonly used for edge radiusing, deburring threaded parts, pre-finish on precious metals prior to metal polishing among many other uses. Most common markets that use these buff & blend discs are the aerospace, aircraft equipment, foundries, machine builders, machine shops, mold & die shops etc. A universal disc that is very high quality!

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