AMK-77 2`` X 72`` Belt Grinder Sander 12`` serrated wheel

AMK Knifemaking’s grinders and knife sharpening systems are quality American-made machines at a great price.  All of our machines are built to last from steel and heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum.

The AMK-77 2×72 grinder comes with a number of standard features like a 12″ serrated wheel and 1.5 HP motor.  The feature that sets us apart is our built in “no tool” change over from flat platen to serrated wheel.  Ours is the only grinder that allows you to quickly rotate from a flat platen to a serrated wheel in less that 30 seconds with no extra attachments to store.  Check out our videos at

The AMK-75 1×30 knife sharpener is made of high grade aircraft aluminum and high carbon steel.  Standard features include a variable speed 3/4 HP motor with 8 speeds, a knife holding fixture, “quick” change belt removal, belt tracking adjustments, and adjustable sharpening angles from 10 degrees to 35 degrees with the included digital protractor.

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