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2" x 72" Shredder Belt Starter Kit


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2" x 72" Shredder Belt Starter Kit

Our Combat Abrasives shredder starter kit features the absolute essentials in 2" x 72" ceramic belts. Our #shredder ceramic material was engineered to be the best belt for stock removal, cutting speed and heat reduction when grinding down stainless steel or steel parts/blades. The grain structure of these belts provides continuous renewal of the most consistent and uniform cutting edges. The nature of ceramic grain allows for faster cutting and cooler stock removal. They are adhered to a Y-Weight Polyester backing.

What is the best ceramic belt grit sequence when grinding steel? 

It is important to remember when sanding that you CANNOT skip a lot of grits if you are looking for the best and most efficient finish in your knife, blade or work piece. There are two main reasons that make following a grit sequence important. The first is that you will destroy the higher grit belt MUCH faster and thus render your investment into ceramic and premium belts useless. As an example, If you jump from a 36 grit ceramic belt up to a 120 grit, you will absolutely destroy the 120 grit belt in no time flat. Instead we recommend you go from 36 grit to 60 grit, then 80 then 120. These grits will remove a slight amount of surface layer in the appropriate amount without overworking each belt. The second reason why you should not skip grits is that you will have bad finish. Grit sequences and grain sizes were chosen for a reason, as to sequentially remove the proper amount of material to leave even and aesthetic finishes. Skipping an important grit in the sequence creates unnecessary heat generation from excess loading and pressure and can in many occasions burn and tarnish the metal being sanded. While we do think it is okay to strategically skip grits from 36 to 60 (skipping 40 or 50 grit), beyond that is strongly not recommended. 

The 2" x 72" Shredder Belt Starter Kit Includes:

  • Six (6) 2" x 72" 36 Grit Ceramic Shredder Belts
  • Six (6) 2" x 72" 60 Grit Ceramic Shredder Belts 
  • Six (6) 2" x 72" 80 Grit Ceramic Shredder Belts
  • Six (6) 2" x 72" 120 Grit Ceramic Shredder Belts
  • One (1) Greasestick Tube (for Belt use)

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