Shredder Starter Pack Promotion

Promo Offer Active

We’ve added the starter kit to your cart and 6 free 220 grit belts (in addition to what’s listed below as part of the kit).

You’ll also see a free shipping coupon added as well.

The shredder starter kit can be see here. It includes:

  • six 2″ x 72″ 36 grit Shredder Ceramics
  • six 2″ x 72″ 60 grit Shredder Ceramics
  • six 2″ x 72″ 80 grit Shredder Ceramics
  • Six 2″ x 72″ 120 grit Shredder Ceramics
  • Greasestick tube to reduce heat & prolong life

Add ``shredderstarterpromo`` as a coupon code to activate manually...

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