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2" x 72" Specialty Sanding Belts



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What are Specialty Sanding Belts?

Because 2" x 72" belts are our most common size, we offer specialty materials such as our trizact equivalent "structured abrasive". This "trizact killer" we call it, is used for fine finishing and in many cases can remove the need to hand sand when finishing a blade. Additionally these are used to remove burrs from your knife edge and can even be used to achieve a high polish due to the grits ranging from 400 to 2,500 !! Our structures abrasive belts are available in 4 grits, 400 grit (a45), 800 grit (A30), 1200 grit (A16) & 2500 grit (A6/A5). 


Our scalloped edged belts are great for edge grinding without producing any unwanted gouges. Scalloped edge belts are made using a flexible J-weight material that can flex and contour to your work piece. WIth the extra flexibility from the scalloped edge, these belts are much better at contouring to your handle. These are to be used using the "slack" of the belt and should not be used if you are grinding against a platen or contact wheel. 

How do Scalloped Edge Belts Work?

Note: These 2" x 72" Scalloped belts are actually 1" wide, but are the correct size you would use to run on a 2" x 72" grinder.

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  • These leather strops are used with polishing compound to finish the sharpening and edge of the knife. Typically these belts last a very long time and most knife makers only have one for each type of compound they finish with—often settling on one single compound and belt to finish their edge.


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