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Greasestick Tube


Application Use

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Greasestick Tube

We offer two different greasestick tubes for specific uses. The varieties are meant for sanding belt use and band saw use, with both types aiming to reduce heat.

Belt Use:

Our Shredder Wax was specially formulated for the knife maker. With the growing need to improve belt life and better cutting combat abrasives worked with many knife makers to develop this formula that will accomplish both goals. This shredder grease is applied to grits 24-120 when doing stock removal and rough grinding. You may apply the belt grease with the first use of the belt and keep re-applying when it seems the belt stops cutting. The belt grease has abrasive grains which provide extra cutting and the tallow base prevents excessive heat buildup. Truly an innovative product that will soon be used by every knife maker.


Band Saw Use:

This Sawing product is used for cooling and lubricating during your bandsaw operations. The cutting rate & finish is improved while also extending the tool-life. This is a different formula than the Shredder Belt grease as it does not contain any type of abrasive grain.

How Do Grease Sticks Work?

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