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2" x 72" Sanding Belt for Stock Removal


Abrasive Material

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Why 2" x 72" Sanding Belts?

2" x 72" sanding belts offer the best middle ground between heavy duty grinding and finer detail work blades can take—e.g. sharpening or detailed handle work. This makes the 2" x 72" size the most common belt size for knife making for profiling, bevel grinding, detailed edge sanding, and sharpening.

Which 2" x 72" sanding belt should i get?

Combat Abrasives offers several options for 2" x 72" belts. These stock removal belts are the most aggressive belts we offer and are recommended to quickly prepare a blank or a custom forged piece to the shape required. Honestly, we recommend our Ceramic Shredder line here—it's geared towards long life and high performance without breaking down to heat. Our Ceramic J-Flex (available in 220 grit) offers a quick performing ceramic belt that is extremely flexible. Great for using on harder material for handles for example.

📦 All 2" x 72" Belts

2"  x 72" Sanding Belts for Profiling and Shaping

  • These are mostly our popular standard aluminum oxide belts that are great for finer grits (120-150+ grits) to start shaping and sharpening your blades to a fine edge.
  • 💡 While available in coarser grits, they will not have the life of a ceramic belt that can handle heavy grinding without quickly wearing out due to the heat such coarse grinding produces.

✅ 2" x 72" Specialty Sanding Belts

  • With 2" x 72" belts being our most common size, we offer specialty materials.
  • For a lacquered finish, we recommend our film line.
  • Our scalloped edged belts are great for edge grinding without producing any unwanted gouges.

✅ 2" x 72" Surface Conditioning Belts

  • Premium finishing belts that reduce heat through a non-woven substrate, evenly distributed aluminum oxide grains, avoids loading, and produces a uniform and smooth finish through the entire life of the belt.

2" x 72" Leather Belt

  • These leather strops are used with polishing compound to finish the sharpening and edge of the knife. Typically these belts last a very long time and most knife makers only have one for each type of compound they finish with—often settling on one single compound and belt to finish their edge.

What grinders are common for 2" x 72" sanding belts

Common machines our customers use, though this is not an endorsement necessarily, are the Wilton Square Wheel Grinder, The Burr King 972 Knifemaker Grinder, The Hardcore Belt Grinder, the Bader Bill, the Bob Dozier, Grinder, and the AMK 2" x 72" Grinder (which we are partial to).

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