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Sanding Belts 52" x 138" (Wide Belt)


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52" x 138" Abrasive Sanding Belts 

We manufacture wide sanding belts for timesaver sanders such as a Ceramic Shredder, Zirconia, or Aluminum Oxide in varying grits for rough grinding, stock removal or fine finishing. We offer grits as coarse as 24 & 36 grit and go all the way to 600 grit! 


How to know what abrasive belt material is right for you? 

We offer the three most common materials used in fabrication shops. It is important to note that while we may not be a household name like 3M, our abrasives will perform and finish just as well, guaranteed. No need to spend more for 3M for the same performance here. 

The three materials that we offer are ceramic (shredder), zirconia & aluminum oxide. Depending on your operation and finish, you will want to use this guide below to determine what sanding belt material would be right for you. 

Ceramic sanding belts for a timesaver or wide belt sander are optimal for steel or stainless steel operations

Our ceramic material is engineered to have superior life and grain hardness in heavy stock removal operations. Our ceramic material is constructed using a premium Y-weight poly cotton backing that allows it to be used in WET or DRY applications. Ceramic is the ideal material is the ideal choice for those sanding stainless steel, titanium or other high nickel alloys. This material can also be used on wood applications where heavy stock removal is needed. Our ceramic material is offered in 24 grit, 36 grit, 40 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit & 120 grit. Our product will perform as well as the Cubitron II / 966F. Ceramic will last you about 2 times longer than your average zirconia belt and is only about 40% more expensive. On a piece for piece basis ceramic will be more cost effective in your sanding operation hands down! We recommend ceramic belts MOSTLY on hard steels and stainless steels by and large. 

Zirconia sanding belts for a timesaver or wide belt sanders are optimal for aluminum or wood

Similar to ceramic, zirconia is meant for heavy stock removal operations on stainless steel, titanium and other hard metals. Zirconia is also fantastic for aluminum and wood, in fact we would mostly recommend zirconia if you are sanding using any grits such as 120 and courser (80 grit, 60 grit, 36 grit etc). Zirconia will last about 3 times longer than an aluminum oxide because its grain structure and shape are far superior to that of an aluminum oxide belt. If you are looking to keep your costs down but don't quite want to step up to a ceramic belt, zirconia is a great way to go. Zirconia is recommended in coarse grits on aluminum and wood, with stainless also being an option if you dont want to spend the money on a ceramic belt. 

Aluminum oxide sanding belts for a timesaver or wide belt sander are best for almost all metal, wood, plastic or carbon fiber operations 


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