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2" x 72" Surface Conditioning (Non-Woven) Belts



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What are non-woven belts?

Non-woven belts are made of an abrasive impregnated nylon material that is often used for the scratch pattern it leaves. It leaves a very uniform scratch pattern typically used in applications where a satin finish is desired.

Tips to use surface conditioning belts?

  • Light to moderate pressure pressure is recommended for most of the material grades. Keep in mind, a lighter hand may be needed on the coarse grade as it can remove significant material if used too firmly.

What is the grit equivalent of the different grades of Surface Conditioning?

Keep in mind these recommendations are guidelines: the actual non-woven material is not officially rated in terms of grit. However, these recommendations match our (and customers experience) of what to expect.

Coarse: 40 to 60 grit

Medium: 80 to 120 grit

Very Fine: 150 to 180 grit

Ultrafine: 220 grit

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